What is Super Chess?

Super Chess is a card-based expansion of traditional chess.

It puts a twist on the way traditional chess is played by introducing 36 unique cards. When activated, these cards spice up the game in a variety of unpredictable ways.

A single card might turn the tide of the game in your favour, while a card used by your opponent could take the game in a completely different direction.

Where can I buy Super Chess?

Super Chess is available to buy on Amazon. For UK customers it is available on Amazon Prime.


“I find traditional chess quite boring. Super chess is dynamic and unpredictable; it’s a must-have for every household.” – Noah Swanson, head-organiser of multiple gaming conventions.

“This game is clean, simple and fun. It’s an interesting modification to chess which makes the game more strategic.” – Sevket Shevket, games design student.

“I loved the game, had a lot of fun with family and friends, looks like this is the game of 2018! What a time to be alive!” – Tolga Atun, electrical engineering student.

“Super Chess feels like you took traditional chess and injected it with super serum. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to turbo-charge their chess game” – Tumen Dambiev, avid chess player.